Why Jono Armstrong Is The Best Mentor For Online Success

Jono Armstrong Ministry Of FreedomThere is no question that having an experienced mentor is the best way to ensure your success with making money online. But here are the 3 biggest problems associated with finding the right mentor:

  1. There are many possibilities
  2. You don’t know who to trust
  3. People lie and make false claims

It is essential that you have proof that the mentor you are considering really does help people in their quest to make money online. There are all kinds of manipulative tricks that people will use to try and persuade you that they are the best mentor for you:

Misleading Income Claims

This is a classic and unfortunately happening a great deal these days. On sales pages you will see some income proof from various accounts that these people have. These are not fake screenshots (at least we have moved past that!) but they are not directly related to what they are offering.

Most of the so called “gurus” of Internet marketing have several accounts with affiliate networks such as WarriorPlus.com, JVZoo.com and Clickbank.com. These people sell a lot of their own products so they will use income screenshots from their Warrior Plus account for example but this is not what their mentorship program is all about.

Testimonials from their Friends

This is another common manipulation. The gurus get their friends to provide testimonials for their products and services. And guess what? They will do the same for them. It’s the old “if you support us we will support you” network.

Sometimes you will see the same testimonials on the sales pages of different products! How does that make any sense? The answer is that it doesn’t. These are just blanket testimonials that these guys use time and again.

Wild Claims

I am a professional copywriter and I make a great deal of money from this. But I draw the line at wild claims. Telling potential customers on a sales page that they will generate commissions in minutes or even seconds in some cases is just plain wrong.

Another classic wild claim is that of “instant free traffic”. Do you know what this is? Within the product you purchase you will be able to make posts directly to your social media accounts. If you have thousands of followers that are interested in the products you are promoting then this could work – otherwise it is a complete waste of time.

They will also tell you that you do not need a website or hosting to make money from their products. Everything is cloud based and ready to go. This is not an advantage. You want your own website and hosting as you will be creating an asset.

Jono Armstrong is Different

I actually know Jono Armstrong. He is an Englishman like me and he also lives in Asia like I do. But that is where the similarities end. I make good money from affiliate marketing but I am not in the same league as Jono.

He makes over $100,000 every month from his affiliate marketing business. He is a guy that really walks his talk. With his mentoring program “Ministry of Freedom” he makes a number of claims on the sales page as you would expect.

The difference is that he supports his claims with REAL testimonials from people that use the program like this:

And this:

He is not going to tell you that you are going to make commissions in less than a minute or five minutes or something else equally ridiculous and unbelievable. There is work involved to make money online, but when you use the methods he teaches you will drastically reduce the amount of time and effort that you have to spend.

This is the value of having a mentor that knows what he is doing and has the experience to back it up. It is all about working smart rather than working hard. If you think that Jono Armstrong is going to show you some “miracle push button software” that you can use to spit out commissions 24/7 then you will be disappointed.

There are plenty of scam artists that sell push button miracle solutions – but you will never make any money with these. It is all hype and BS, so don’t fall for it as so many other people do. Waiting for a miracle solution is a total waste of your time.

Take a Look at Jono Armstrong’s Ministry of Freedom

Jono Armstrong can explain the advantages of his Ministry of Freedom mentoring program far better than I can. He will explain the potential of this program and guarantee to hold your hand until you succeed. I know that he will do this as he has helped me a lot in the past.

So see for yourself what Jono is all about by attending one of his free webinars. You can get on one today by clicking here.

You will never regret working with Jono Armstrong – your success is guaranteed.

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