Providing Freelance Writing Services Can Lead To Wealth

Freelance Writing Services Can Provide A Good Income For You


freelance writingFreelance writing is one of the best careers you could ever find yourself involved with. It provides limitless opportunities, you can do it from home in your pajamas, and you don’t have to punch a clock. The trouble, though, is figuring out how to find freelance jobs.

Before you start looking for freelance jobs, though, you need to understand how to develop your freelance writing skills. You need a freelance writing portfolio that really shines. But, before you even do that, you need to find out the answer to the popular question: “What is freelance writing all about?”

What is Freelance Writing All About?


Depending on who you’re writing for your pieces could be put to a number of different uses. Each and every time someone pays you for your writing, though, they have a serious intention to use it in some way that leads to a profit.

Think about it – if they were just looking for something enjoyable to read, they would go to the library or bookstore. If they were hoping to express their thoughts in writing, they would do it on their own. Why else would they pay you for your freelance writing skills if they weren’t planning on generating a return on their investment?


How Your Freelance Writing is Used for Profit


You’ll never really know how they’re using your pieces to generate an income. But there are a few ways freelance writing is typically put to use:

  1. To help a website gain a high ranking in the search engine for valuable search phrases
  2. To generate a buzz and lead to more traffic and ad revenue
  3. To help persuade and sell the reader on buying a product

Freelance writing isn’t something that you will be doing just to provide information on a topic. There is always some way in which your client plans on putting your writing to work. The good news is that there are hundreds of thousands of ways to do this, and that leads to an abundance of freelance writing jobs.

Build Your Freelance Portfolio


The first thing you need to do is learn about basic SEO for articles and blog posts. The topic is a bit too in depth for this short article, so you should probably look around and find some resources elsewhere on the site.

Typically, though, you will put the “key word” in the first and last sentences, as well as several times throughout the body of the article. This will help the search engines understand what the blog is about, which helps it show up in search results.

Even if you know all of the optimization tricks, you still need to know what topics are popular and hot. They include diets and fitness, product reviews, weight loss programs and pills, making money online, and plenty more. Use your favorite search engine to look for popular internet marketing niches and you’ll get a much better idea of the topics that you should focus on.

Make it a point to build a portfolio that has one or two pieces in as many niches as possible. You don’t need to wait until you have all of them to start marketing your services. You can score freelance jobs with just one or two.

Build A Site And Advertise To Find Freelance Jobs


The first couple of pieces you write won’t be that great. They’ll still help you land some freelance jobs, though. Put together a simple WordPress site and put a few of your samples on there. Then, hop on forums like and

They are full of individuals that are trying to make money through internet marketing. They rely on outsourced work to keep things moving forward. Anyone who subscribes to these forums that can afford to outsource content generation is going to offer opportunities for writers.

selling your servicesYou see, even if they know what needs to be done and have a significant amount of expertise on the topic, writing takes time. Most people find it boring. Why would they force themselves to do something that takes a long time and keeps them bored if they could hire you, instead?

That’s why these sites are so fantastic. They promote a mentality that says, “let someone else do it.” They want the people who can do a good job, and they are looking for you, in specific.

They won’t know that you provide your services until you offer them, though. They also won’t know how great you can write until they give you a try.

Start out by participating on the forum. Put up a lot of posts, but don’t “spam” the board. Don’t even mention that you’re a writer for the first few hundred posts. Yes, a few hundred is necessary.

After that, you can start advertising a few free trials, and from there things will really take off with your freelance writing career.


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